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TALENT ON THE RISE: Krosse Johnson

Krosse A. Johnson

Holy Cross High School 11th Grade 3.53 GPA

What time do you wake up on a regular basis?

On a school day, I normally wake up around 6:30 a.m.

What is the first thing you do upon awakening?

I grab my phone and check social media, then I start my daily routine of getting ready for school.

What do you put in your body first, hydration or nutrition?

I hydrate first with water, milk, juice, Pedialyte, and or protein drink. Some mornings depending on my day ahead, I may drink everything.

What's for breakfast?

I like to eat. I burn a lot of energy in track. If I am eating breakfast, my favorite is grits, scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage, milk and juice.

How many times do you work out on a non-race day? How often are you in the gym or doing PT?

I start my day with sit-ups or pushups before I go to school. I have Holy Cross track practice almost every weekday 1.5 - 2.5 hours, if it’s not a track meet day. After track practice, I go to Sonic Boom for training for another 2 hours twice a weekday and 3-4 hours on Saturdays. Once a week, I go to Stretch Zone. Sundays are my rest day. I take a quick jog around my neighborhood or go swimming or play basketball.

What's your favorite event?

My favorite track event is the 200 meter dash. Last year, I won State Champ in LHSAA 2022 5A Track and Field meet in the 100, 200-meter dash and the 4X100 relay. The 200-meter dash was a tough race, but I maneuver pretty good around the curves.

How many meals/what time do you eat? What's typical (be honest)?

My schedule is pretty routine. During the week, I eat three times a day. I eat breakfast before I go to school, protein shake, grits, eggs, sausage. I eat a big lunch at school to fuel me throughout the rest of the day. I may not get home until 7 p.m. When I get home, I eat dinner between 7-8 p.m. I have a regular plate, normally rice & gravy, some type of meat - chicken, pork, or beef, vegetables, dessert, and maybe another protein shake. Saturday nights, if I am playing video games, I may hit the snacks.

Do you ever "carb load"? Why? For what type of race/meet situation?

Yes, I may eat cards leading up to a track meet to help provide energy for my body. I run sprints and relays. Eating the right Carbs help provide the energy I need before a track meet and replenishment I need after a track meet.

What's your daily training shoe?

My daily training shoe is Nike Pegasus.

What's your racing shoe for track?

My racing shoe for track meets is Nike Maxfly

What's your MPW in-season versus out-of-season?Do you take a recovery period after races? After championship races? Between seasons?

During outdoor season, I normally run every week, 1 to 3 races. I don’t get much time off. The day before the meet, I probably will have a light practice. After LHSAA State, I take about 2 weeks off, then I move into AAU Outdoor track. I normally participate in the Mark Trail Memorial Day Track Meet in Lawrenceville, GA. My summer track season ends with AAU Junior Olympics. 2023 JO’s will take place in Des Moines, Iowa.

Do you nap?

Not often, but if I do, it’s when I finish training and track practice on a Saturday. I don’t have much time for naps.

How many hours of sleep do you routinely get at night?

I go to bed between 10-11 p.m. weekdays and get up around 6-6:30 a.m. So, I guess I get around 7-8 hours of sleep, maybe a little longer on Sundays.

Do you cross-train or participate in any other athletics? Did you as a kid?

My passion is track and football. I am a wide-receiver at Holy Cross. As a kid, I played park baseball, football, and ran track. I also did karate for a while. Since I was 4 years old, I have been playing some type of sports. My mother always kept me busy.

Why do you run?

Yes, all the time.

What's your pre-race meal of choice for the night before and pre-race nutrition?

The night before a race, I usually eat light, pasta and vegetables with a protein shake. Pre-race, I eat a light breakfast, fruit, protein shake, and hydrate.

What do you eat after a big race? After a hard workout?

I eat a healthy meal, normally whatever my mom cooks with a protein shake.

Do you have any pre-race rituals that you don't diverge from — i.e., socks,stretch, hair, favorite song, etc.?

I normally have a good stretch, hydrate, wear my lucky chains, and listen to music. My favorite is group is New Edition.

What's your favorite subject in school?

English is my favorite subject.

How do you balance school, extracurricular as and track?

If I get a chance, I hang out with friends, go to the movies, swimming, bowling, or play video games.

Do you plan to keep competing post-Holy Cross?

Yes, I want to compete on the college level and beyond.

Also — that football/track combo — how do you manage both at a high level?

Football and track compliment each other. I use my speed as a wide receiver in football. The training is somewhat different, but helps me excel in each sport. Football is summer/fall/winter and track is winter/spring/summer. Both sports keep me pretty busy.

I had an excellent 2022 track season, high school and summer track. I won LHSAA 5A State Championship in the 100- and 200-meter dash and 4X100 relay. I am also an AAU All-American in the 100-meter dash and 4X400 relay. It was very hard for me after coming off of a football injury where I broke my collar bone for the second year in a row. It took me out of my football season for my 10th and 11th grade year. Currently, I am focusing on defending my titles. I have some strong competition this year, but I’m ready! Let’s Geaux HC!



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