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LHSAA State Championship Wrap Up for Metro Area teams and runners.


For fans of high school cross country, 2022 has been a season to remember. The LHSAA has rearranged the distribution of schools from seven classifications to five divisions, determined by school size and enrollment. Because of this change, there was a completely blank slate for new division records in both team finishes and individual times. Additionally, all of the races took place on the same day, a change from the usual 2-day event in Nachitoches, Louisiana. With an already rain-soaked course and incoming inclement weather on the day of the meet, the course and the weather provided unique challenges for each race. The first competitors had partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures, and the last had rain and well-trampled terrain.

For the first time ever, each team had to qualify through a regional championship meet, which limited teams to the top 8 in each region, and individual runners had to finish in the top 25 at the regional meet to qualify to run independently at state.  Despite the stated intent of the divisional changes and regional meets, there was still a great degree of variability in the competition between the different regions.

Take a look at what it took to qualify as an indivual in our regional races (the New Orleans Metro Area is Region 3):

Division 1 Boys:       17:36.59           Division 1 Girls:          23:02.49

Division 2 Boys:       19:27.47           Division 2 Girls:          26:48.29

Division 3 Boys:        19:12.79          Division 3 Girls:          24:00.20

Division 4 Boys:        17:48.40          Division 4 Girls:          21:06.70

Division 5 Boys: none in our region  Division 5 Girls: none in our region


With nationally ranked performances on both the girls and boys side throughout the season, and a completely new set of composite and state records to be set within the new organizational system, we thought it would be fun to take a look at how the New Orleans Metropolitan area teams stacked up against those in their divisions, and against one another.

First, the following schools qualified through their respective regional championship meets, and fielded teams at the state meet:

Boys Teams:

Jesuit - Divison 1

Brother Martin - Division 1

Holy Cross - Division 2

Belle Chasse - Division 2

Isidore Newman - Division 3

Archbishop Shaw  - Divsion 2

Metairie Park Country Day - Division 4

St. Martin's Episcopal - Division 4

John Curtis - Division 3

Haynes Academy - Division 3

The Willow School - Division 2                                       

De La Salle  - Division 3                                                   

Patrick Taylor  - Division 3                                                

New Orleans Maritime + Military - Division 2                 

Helen Cox  - Division 2                                                    

Morris Jeff Community School  - Division 3 


Girls Teams:

Mount Carnel Academy - Division 1

Academy of the Sacred Heart - Division 2

St. Mary's Dominican - Division 1

Metairie Park Country Day - Division 4

Isidore Newman School- Division 3

St. Martin's Episcopal School - Division 4

Louise S. McGehee School - Division 4

Ursuline Academy - Division 3

Chapelle - Divsion 2

Cabrini -Division 3

Belle Chasse - Division 2

Haynes Academy - Division 3

Patrick Taylor Academy  - Division 3


The New Orleans Metro area produced a handful of athletes that qualified as individuals for the state meet, including Julian Campos from Kenner Discovery, Alistair Deng, Luke Mipro, Jason Decuir and Dale Baham from Ben Franklin and Jaiver Ico Pop from SciHigh. On the girl’s side Miley Percle from John Curtis and Lou Didelot from Ben Franklin, as well as both Tianna Haten and Janessa Cheatham from George Washington Carver qualified as individuals.

Using a variety of data, including number of athletes in the top ten finishers, team finish standings, average pace, 1-5 runner spread times and school size, two local girls teams stood out from the rest. Metairie Park Country Day and the Academy of the Sacred Heart each placed two runners in the top ten (Raine and Coco Goldenberg for the Cajuns and Leah Varsico and Courtney Habetz for the Cardinals), each team collectively finished as state runner’s up in their division.  There are arguments to be had for both in terms of which state performance would be considered the strongest – Sacred Heart’s average pace was the quickest, but as a large D2 school they’re pulling from a larger pool of athletes than the D4 Country Day girls.  Sacred Heart went into the state meet knowing they were contending for a podium finish, but Country Day only entered that conversation as a D4 team late in the season.  Both teams turned in impressive performances in several regards, but Sacred Heart may deserve a slight nod for their comparatively stronger showing from their 6-7 runners.

Mount Carmel Academy and Isidore Newman School’s girls teams both finished just off the podium in third, with Mount Carmel placing two runners (Catalina Reichard and Stella Junius) in their division’s top ten and Newman’s Maggie Smith was also in that number in the D3 race.

On the boys side, no such comparative analysis was necessary.  In a season that saw the Jesuit High School varsity team ranked as the number one team in the nation, the boys team dominated all of the categories used to analyze the girls, in addition scoring a coveted perfect score of 15 at the state meet, and placing all seven runners in the top ten.  As the Blue Jays look forward to running at the Garmin Running Lane national championship next weekend in Birmingham, we’ll revisit their season when those results are also available.

Jesuit’s historic season aside, Brother Martin and coach Drew Haro deserve a lot of credit for putting together a highly competitive team that would have been clear contenders for a title in many years past.  It will be exciting to watch this team develop over the next few years, and Holy Cross also placed as state runner’s up as a team with 6 out of their top 7 returning next year.

Before I get to the raw data, here’s a primer for those unfamiliar with how cross country meets are scored, and what it takes to place well as a team

Team makeup – A varsity cross country team is usually made up of seven runners. The top five runners are the “scoring” members and the remaining two have the important job of displacing the scorers on opposing teams. Only the varsity level is limited to seven competitors in a race, the other levels usually have unlimited entries.

Levels of competition – There are two levels (varsity and junior varsity) in most high school invitational cross country races. Each level competes in its own race and is scored separately. It is not uncommon for the junior varsity race to include both genders running simultaneously but competing for separate results/scores. In Dual or Tri meets, all athletes of the same gender compete in a single race.

Scoring – Races are scored by assigning a point value for the place a runner finishes in. If a runner finishes first, he/she will earn 1 point. Finishing 55th would usually earn 55 points. Cross country is similar to golf in that the lowest score wins. A perfect score is 15 points, with the top five runners occupying the first five finishing positions. 

  • While only the top 5 runners “score” for their team, the sixth and seventh placed runners also receive a score. Their points can be valuable since they may increase the score of an opposing team by placing in front of that team’s top five runners. The score of the sixth and seventh runners might also be used for tie breaking. 
  • Runners who do not have a team of at least five runners are removed from the results for scoring purposes. 
  • If a meet allows more than seven runners in a race, the runners that placed eight or higher within their team are removed from the results for scoring purposes.
  • In the event of a tie between two or more teams, the place of the sixth place runners are compared. If only one team has a sixth runner then that team wins. If all teams have only five runners, then the score of the top 4 runners is used. 

Race length – Almost all races in LA are approximately 3  miles. A race length of 5 kilometers is common in other locations around the country. Not all courses are precisely measured. Courses are more or less difficult due to terrain differences.  A course that is possibly short or has a fairly easy profile is frequently known as a “PR course”. 

Because foot races provide quantifiable results, it is fairly easy to understand what it takes to place well as an individual.  First, the ability to run fast is key.  Second, the ability to strategize based on a given course and other competitor’s racing styles can garner higher placement than simply going out and running as hard as possible for the duration of the race.  Coaches work with athletes on strategy depending on their individual goals for a race or a seasonal goal.  Some of the tactics commonly employed include:

Kick The sprint at the end of a race. Runners all have different abilities to kick.

Negative Split Running the second half of a race faster than the first half. This is generally considered to be a good thing and most PRs involve negative splits. 

Surge  A short burst of speed during a race. Used to change rhythm or break the competition.

On the other hand, the tactics employed as a team in order to place well as a unit at a meet involve a bit more cooperative effort, using the strengths of your teammates to engender the best possible outcome from each runner.  Some of the tactics used at the championship level for a team aiming for a podium finish include:

Top 5 Spread the time difference between a team’s first place and their fifth place runner. A small Top 5 spread is taken to be a sign of team strength and cohesion.

Pack up When a group of runners (often from the same team) run together for a portion of the race.

On to the direct data from the LHSAA 2022 Cross Country State Championship Meet:


Metro Area Boys Team Results, Average Pace:

Jesuit :                                                          15:02 average pace

Brother Martin:                                              15:46 average pace

Holy Cross:                                                   16:49 average pace

Belle Chasse:                                                17:22 average pace

Isidore Newman:                                           17:26 average pace

Archbishop Shaw:                                         17:57 average pace

Metairie Park Country Day:                           18:02 average pace

St. Martin's Episcopal:                                  18:07 average pace

John Curtis:                                                   18:34 average pace

Haynes Academy:                                          18:43 average pace

The Willow School:                                        18:48 average pace

De La Salle:                                                    19:18 average pace

Patrick Taylor                                                 19:52 average pace

New Orleans Maritime + Military:                   20:20 average pace

Helen Cox:                                                      20:22 average pace

Morris Jeff Community School:                      21:55 average pace


Metro Area Girls Team Results, Average Pace:

Mount Carnel Academy:                                 19:27 average pace

Academy of the Sacred Heart:                        20:12 average pace

St. Mary's Dominican:                                     20:25 average pace

Metairie Park Country Day:                             20:44 average pace

Isidore Newman School:                                 20:56 average pace

St. Martin's Episcopal School:                        21:21 average pace

Louise S. McGehee School:                            21:50 average pace

Belle Chasse:                                                   22:49 average pace

Ursuline Academy:                                           23:48 average pace

Cabrini:                                                             24:29 average pace

Chapelle:                                                          24:31 average pace

Haynes Academy:                                            25:18 average pace

Patrick Taylor Academy:                                  25:47 average pace



Metro Area Boys Team Results, 1-5 split

Jesuit :                                                             :25 1-5 split

The Willow School:                                          :51 1-5 split

Brother Martin:                                                 :52  1-5 split

John Curtis:                                                      :56 1-5 split

Patrick Taylor                                                   1:13 1-5 split

St. Martin's Episcopal:                                     1:19  1-5 split

Belle Chasse:                                                    1:22  1-5 split

Holy Cross:                                                       1:23 1-5 split

Metairie Park Country Day:                              1:23 1-5 split

Isidore Newman:                                              1:40 1-5 split

Haynes Academy:                                            1:47 1-5 split

Morris Jeff Community School:                        2:09 1-5 split

De La Salle:                                                       2:19 1-5 split

Helen Cox:                                                        2:20 1-5 split

Archbishop Shaw:                                            2:28 1-5 split

New Orleans Maritime + Military:                     2:45 1-5 split


 Metro Area Girls Team Results, 1-5 split:

Louise S. McGehee School:                              :51 1-5 split

Patrick Taylor Academy:                                   1:31 1-5 split

Academy of the Sacred Heart:                         1:34 1-5 split

Isidore Newman School:                                  1:40 1-5 split

St. Martin's Episcopal School:                         1:40 1-5 split

Metairie Park Country Day:                              1:46 1-5 split

St. Mary's Dominican:                                      2:10 1-5 split

Mount Carmel Academy:                                  2:11 1-5 split

Belle Chasse:                                                   3:22 1-5 split

Cabrini:                                                             3:23 1-5 split

Chapelle:                                                          4:39 1-5 split

Haynes Academy:                                            4:41 1-5 split

Ursuline Academy:                                           6:25 1-5 split


Metro Area Boys Team Results, Top Ten finishers

Jesuit (D1) :                                                             7 top 10 finishers

Holy Cross (D2) :                                                     3 top 10 finishers

Brother Martin (D1) :                                                1 top 10 finisher


Metro Area Girls Team Results, Top Ten finishers

Mt. Carmel  (D1):                                                    2 top 10 finishers

Metairie Park Country Day (D4):                             2 top 10 finishers

Academy of the Sacred Heart (D2):                        2 top 10 finishers

Isidore Newman School (D3):                                 1 top 10 finisher


 Metro Aread Girls Individual Results, by time

Reichard Catalina MCA 18:16.20 D1
Junius Stella MCA 18:23.60 D1
Trauth Morgan Dominican 19:01.00 D1
Varisco Leah ASH 19:05.00 D2
Goldenberg Raine Country Day 19:41.40 D4
Smith Maggie Newman 19:50.50 D3
Quintana Lucy MCA 19:51.20 D1
Goldenberg Coco Country Day 20:00.70 D4
Turner Virginia Dominican 20:04.50 D1
Habetz Courtney ASH 20:13.30 D2
Imbornone Riley MCA 20:16.30 D1
Freeze Sophia Ursuline 20:23.40 D3
Berner Adeline MCA 20:28.00 D1
Varisco Lily ASH 20:31.80 D2
Collins Colleen ASH 20:32.10 D2
Summerour Avery Newman 20:32.10 D3
Real Vivian ASH 20:39.00 D2
Hijazi Meera STM 20:44.20 D4
Sauer Kateleigh Belle Chasse 20:45.70 D2
Wismar Kaitlyn Dominican 20:47.20 D1
Devyn McManus STM 20:50.10 D4
Menesas Emma MCA 20:53.40 D1
Percle Miley John Curtis 20:55.00 D3
Patron Katherine Dominican 21:01.80 D1
English Colette ASH 21:04.60 D2
De la Cruz Marygrace Country Day 21:10.90 D4
Garvey Mary Cate Dominican 21:11.10 D1
Whitaker Juliet STM 21:18.70 D4
Mangiapane Molly Chapelle 21:18.90 D2
Thionville Camille Country Day 21:19.00 D4
Pilant Eliza Newman 21:23.40 D3
Rosenthal Adler McGehee 21:26.90 D4
Villere Cora Newman 21:26.90 D3
Moore Emmeline Country Day 21:28.10 D4
Zimmerman Anne MCA 21:29.60 D1
Norton Nia STM 21:30.30 D4
Batten Margaret Newman 21:30.50 D3
Accousti Anna McGehee 21:36.00 D4
Leckert Mary Claire McGehee 21:44.60 D4
McAlear Roma Dominican 21:44.70 D1
Bailey Isabelle Dominican 21:46.80 D1
Becker Meredith Ursuline 21:50.00 D3
Thionville Margo Country Day 22:00.50 D4
Zura Adrianna Newman 22:02.00 D3
Olinger Grace McGehee 22:04.30 D4
Williams Taylor Haynes Academy 22:04.80 D3
Schmidt Anna McGehee 22:18.70 D4
McManus Rian STM 22:24.60 D4
Mahfouz Julia McGehee 22:25.60 D4
French Kelsey Newman 22:25.70 D3
Zweben Dylan McGehee 22:30.10 D4
Hamada Annabelle Country Day 22:37.30 D4
Johnston Charlotte ASH 22:38.20 D2
Didelot Lou Ben Franklin 22:40.60 D2
Forbes Rihanna Chalmette 22:48.00 D2
Trabeaux Jenna Cabrini 22:49.92 D3
Stowe Pyper Belle Chasse 22:50.40 D2
Boudreaux Mayleigh Belle Chasse 22:51.90 D2
Wright Aria Cabrini 22:52.50 D3
Hall Kailyn STM 23:21.20 D4
Pina Daisy Belle Chasse 23:30.20 D2
Duplessis Jaia Belle Chasse 24:07.90 D2
Phillips Caitlyn Ursuline 24:08.50 D3
Perez Giselle Chapelle 24:13.40 D2
Summers Caitlyn Chalmette 24:27.50 D2
McGoven Elena Cabrini 24:43.30 D3
Fisher Jhana Chalmette 24:47.60 D2
Mayeaux Leia Patrick Taylor 25:13.20 D3
Nelson Zahari Belle Chasse 25:17.30 D2
LaForge Helena Chapelle 25:21.20 D2
Kallies Anneliese Patrick Taylor 25:24.50 D3
Vu Lucia Patrick Taylor 25:26.00 D3
Boyd Evelynn Haynes Academy 25:33.60 D3
Duvoisin Abigail Haynes Academy 25:34.80 D3
Tonry Carmen Chalmette 25:37.50 D2
Cusimano Maria STM 25:41.80 D4
Potter Rachelann Chapelle 25:47.50 D2
Toregano Lauryn Cabrini 25:49.90 D3
Rangel Leyla Ursuline 25:51.10 D3
Palacio Kayla Chapelle 25:58.10 D2
Nguyen Natalie Patrick Taylor 26:10.20 D3
Gerarve Elizabeth Cabrini 26:13.40 D3
Adames-iner Rosa Belle Chasse 26:25.90 D2
Cressend Finley Haynes Academy 26:33.30 D3
Gauther Brooklyn Patrick Taylor 26:44.90 D3
Beaton Mackenzie Haynes Academy 26:46.40 D3
Brannen Quinn Ursuline 26:48.50 D3
Miranda Carmen Patrick Taylor 26:49.90 D3
Cashenberry Anngelle Chalmette 27:00.40 D2
Berry Isabelle Haynes Academy 27:07.50 D3
Stock-Bordnick Mae Ying Ursuline 27:11.10 D3
Norman Remy Ursuline 27:32.80 D3
Miller Adelaide Haynes Academy 27:50.30 D3
Rodney Anya Chalmette 27:53.10 D2
Haten Tianna Carver 27:55.80 D2
Boye Allison Chalmette 28:04.50 D2
Fleischer-Djoleto Earla Chapelle 28:12.10 D2
Miller Bryann Cabrini 28:46.00 D3
Mo Katherine Patrick Taylor 29:22.60 D3
Bienvenu Rachel Chapelle 29:32.10 D2
Cheatham Janessa Carver 30:33.50 D2
Castro Sol Cabrini 31:42.40 D3


Metro Area Boys Individual Results, by time

DesRoches Jack Jesuit 14:46.00 D1
Mullen Brady Jesuit 14:59.20 D1
Buisson Robert Jesuit 15:03.00 D1
Dowd Patrick Jesuit 15:10.70 D1
Vocke Michael Jesuit 15:11.90 D1
Metoyer Gabriel Brother Martin 15:14.50 D1
Crawford Leland Jesuit 15:29.40 D1
Sampedro Lucas Jesuit 15:35.40 D1
Falk Daniel Brother Martin 15:45.20 D1
Regan Luke Brother Martin 15:48.70 D1
Levy Eli Brother Martin 15:58.80 D1
Levy Gabriel Brother Martin 16:07.30 D1
Volpe Colin Holy Cross 16:17.10 D2
Breland Drake Belle Chasse 16:29.10 D2
Luckowski Jace Belle Chasse 16:31.30 D2
Davis Landon Holy Cross 16:32.60 D2
Tapia Enrico Archbishop Shaw 16:33.00 D2
Baldassaro Gage Holy Cross 16:33.60 D2
Calico Eyan Brother Martin 16:36.80 D1
Dunne Braeden Brother Martin 16:45.00 D1
Haber Sam Newman 16:54.40 D3
Loubat Cameron Holy Cross 17:05.80 D2
DeGruy Logan Newman 17:09.10 D3
Myers Christian Country Day 17:20.20 D4
Emonet Paul Country Day 17:24.00 D4
Deng Alistair Ben Franklin 17:30.80 D2
Ware Chosen Belle Chasse 17:34.00 D2
Fernandez Joachim Belle Chasse 17:36.50 D2
Hance Jack Newman 17:36.60 D3
L'Esperance Maslen Newman 17:37.70 D3
Murina Noah Holy Cross 17:40.20 D2
Wilberg Aldrich Archbishop Shaw 17:43.10 D2
Garvey Thomas STM 17:44.10 D4
Scheurmann Carter STM 17:47.50 D4
LeDoux Brennan Belle Chasse 17:51.80 D2
Lelong Rivers Newman 17:52.40 D3
Verdigets Blake STM 17:52.50 D4
Brown Dylan De La Salle 17:53.40 D3
Niyazov Jacob Haynes Academy 17:55.40 D3
Barnett Myles Newman 17:58.20 D3
Bonila Ian Belle Chasse 18;13.70 D2
Mipro Luke Ben Franklin 18:00.60 D2
Buchanan Conan John Curtis 18:03.70 D3
Walser Alexander Holy Cross 18:05.00 D2
Monaco Brady Archbishop Shaw 18:05.50 D2
Odem Harry Country Day 18:08.70 D4
Beard Landry Newman 18:16.80 D3
Van Halen Emile John Curtis 18:21.70 D3
Camenzuli Austin Haynes Academy 18:23.70 D3
Anderson Logan Archbishop Shaw 18:26.20 D2
Liles Amos The WIllow School 18:26.60 D2
Tillero Alexander The WIllow School 18:26.60 D2
Zink Mason Country Day 18:33.30 D4
Darensbourg Bryce The WIllow School 18:35.00 D2
Johnson Anthony John Curtis 18:40.90 D3
Campos Julian Kenner Discovery 18:42.10 D2
Audler Wyatt Holy Cross 18:43.80 D2
Antis Phillip Country Day 18:43.90 D4
Galiano Jeremy Haynes Academy 18:46.80 D3
Sprawls Nathan John Curtis 18:47.80 D3
Rachal Dylan N.O Military and Maritime 18:49.50 D2
Wu Victor Haynes Academy 18:50.40 D3
Galey Luke John Curtis 19:00.00 D3
Laroche Austin N.O Military and Maritime 19:00.70 D2
Scheurmann Ryan Archbishop Shaw 19:01.70 D2
Cusi Rene Frankie STM 19:03.60 D4
Crosby Peyton STM 19:05.10 D4
Folse Avery Patrick Taylor Academy 19:08.00 D3
Curtis Preston John Curtis 19:14.00 D3
Clement Noah De La Salle 19:16.70 D3
Kruebbe Kella The WIllow School 19:18.00 D2
Andrews Keith The WIllow School 19:18.10 D2
Williams Carlos Helen Cox 19:19.80 D2
Sarmiento Jair Belle Chasse 19:20.00 D2
Pop Jaiver Ico Patrick Taylor Academy 19:22.20 D3
Jordan Andrew John Curtis 19:27.70 D3
Parulan Caleb De La Salle 19:28.10 D3
Boulmay Alexander Patrick Taylor Academy 19:29.90 D3
Emmett John William Country Day 19:36.00 D4
Norris, Jr Revius Helen Cox 19:38.10 D2
McGhee Jermaine De La Salle 19:39.20 D3
Korn Samuel Haynes Academy 19:42.80 D3
Bordelon Caleb Archbishop Shaw 19:50.90 D2
Lacroix Joshua Helen Cox 20:03.20 D2
Schiefflin Samuel STM 20:03.80 D4
Mostafa Abdelrahman Haynes Academy 20:08.12 D3
Loo Kai Patrick Taylor Academy 20:09.70 D3
Kawahara Katsumasa Patrick Taylor Academy 20:12.60 D3
Williams Ronard De La Salle 20:12.70 D3
Laurence Timmothy-Owen The WIllow School 20:14.20 D2
Prados Anthony De La Salle 20:14.50 D3
Hubbard-Dunn Joaquin The WIllow School 20:20.50 D2
Cortes Carlos Patrick Taylor Academy 20:21.90 D3
Mitchell Tobey Haynes Academy 20:28.90 D3
Lewis Caleb Morris Jeff Community School 20:33.60 D3
Schneider Ian Patrick Taylor Academy 20:35.90 D3
Eslick Hunter Archbishop Shaw 20:39.00 D2
Velie Cooper Country Day 20:42.00 D4
Zajur Raul N.O Military and Maritime 20:58.40 D2
Pierre Herbert Helen Cox 21:09.90 D2
Smith Matthew De La Salle 21:12.40 D3
de Baron Matthew Patrick Taylor Academy 21:18.30 D3
Warner Reagan N.O Military and Maritime 21:19.90 D2
Hamdy Adam N.O Military and Maritime 21:34.50 D2
Rousell Raquan Helen Cox 21:40.50 D2
Jeansonne Jonah Morris Jeff Community School 21:42.40 D3
Sylvester Jamal Helen Cox 21:49.00 D2
Ashton Becket Morris Jeff Community School 22:00.00 D3
Decur Jason Ben Franklin 22:09.70 D2
Pierre Winston Morris Jeff Community School 22:39.60 D3
Yates Tristan Morris Jeff Community School 22:42.80 D3
Johnson Ean Helen Cox 23:00.40 D2
Daspit Elijah Morris Jeff Community School 23:23.00 D3
Monfano Ari Morris Jeff Community School 23:43.60 D3
Baham Dale Ben Franklin 24:13.60 D2


With many of the most competitive teams returning some of their top seven athletes next season, and a sea of talented middle school runners moving up, Louisiana cross country will be something to look forward to next fall. 

For now, get out your stopwatches and padded seats, because we're heading into indoor track season, which will host some familar names and faces, but also introduce sprinters and field athletes we don't see much of during fall sports.

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