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A Day in the Life of a D1 Athlete: Cade Martin, LSU


Have you ever wondered what it takes to compete at the D1 level?  We caught up with former Holy Cross standout Cade Martin about how a typical day looks for him during race season.  First, a few stats about Cade:

High School: Holy Cross Class of 2019; Student Body President

College: LSU 

Future plans: Admitted to LSU Medical School

What time do you wake up on a regular basis?

6:20am for 7am practice.

What is the first thing you do upon awakening?

Start the coffee maker and drink a glass of water.

What do you put in your body first, hydtration or nutirion?


What's for breakfast?

If we have morning practice, just apple sauce. For afternoon practice, I eat at our athlete dining hall; I eat a huge breakfast with plenty of carbs.

How many times do you work out on a non-race day?

On recovery days, we run twice. On speed workout days, we do a run session and a lift session. so usually 2x per day.

How often are you in the gym or doing PT?

I'd say 4-5 hours of practice/lifting/PT/running related activites per day.

What's your favorite event?

Favorite event is the indoor mile or the outdoor steeplechase.

How many meals/what time do you eat? What's typical (be honest)?

Breakfast depends on practice as discussed previously. Lunch is usually light, pasta/sandwiches/veggies around noon. Dinner I cook with my girlfriend -- most nights, we usually eat around 8pm and it's whatever we feel like cooking. Last night we made gumbo.

Do you ever "carb load"? Why? For what type of race/meet situation?"

Yes, I'm a huge biochem nerd (pre-med) so I read a lot about glycogen storage and carb loading makes me feel more confident for races. I think it's important for all races but especially in cross country 8k/10k. Those are brutal distances, and you need to have a good store of glycogen to perform at lactate threshold for 24-30 mins.

What's your daily training shoe?

Nike Pegasus

What's your racing shoe for XC/Road/Track?

Nike Dragonflies for xc and track. Nike Zoom for road races/tempos

What's your MPW in-season versus out-of-season?

Out of season: 80; in season 70; championship season:50/40

Do you take a recovery period after races? After championship races? Between seasons?

We usually have a day-off after a race; a week off between seasons; day-to-day adjustments can be made if we're really beat up

Do you nap?

I LOVE naps. I think they're the absolute best thing you can do for your training after a hard session (if you have the time lol)

How many hours of sleep do you routinely get at night?

8-9; it was less when iIwas overloaded with school, but now I get in 8-9 routinely

Do you cross-train or participate in any other athletics? Did you as a kid?

I bike on our off-day. some of my teammates swim or play basketball. I played every sport you could imagine until highschool; I quit the football and baseball team to get serious about running in 8th/9th grade

Why do you run?

I like the feeling of accomplishment and delayed gratification that months of training can give you. there's no better feeling than pr'ing or crushing a workout and going "Damn I'm in shape"

What's your pre-race meal of choice for the night before and pre-race nutrition?

Night before: pasta alfredo with chicken and brocolli; morning of: black coffee, apple sauce, Honey Stinger waffle

What do you eat after a bg race? After a hard workout?

Candy, beer, fast food😭 gotta reward yourself for a good race.  After a hard workout, protein shake & fruit smoothies for immediate energy/protein to fuel your body into making the adaptations from the session. Without proper post-workout fuel, you gain nothing from the workout

Do you have any pre-race rituals that you don't diverge from — i.e., socks, stretch, hair, favorite song, etc?

Iused to in highschool, but i don't anymore. i try to stay calm and upbeat until it's maybe 10 mins before the gun goes off; then it's time to get serious

What's your major?

I graduated in Biochem and just got accepted into Med School!

Do you plan to keep competing post-collegiately?

Yeah! One of my lifelong goals is to see how close to 4 mins in the mile I can get, and all my friends are runners, so until I'm too old to run I'Ill be around!

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